The Company

GSI is a registered drilling contractor with the Ministry Of Water
and also National Construction Authority in Kenya.


We offer a turnkey solution to all your domestic and commercial borehole drilling requirements.

Borehole drilling depends on using precise drilling methods with the ability to drill though difficult or rock formations deep over-burden with ease. With years of experience a highly skilled borehole drilling crew can handle any scope of well drilling in Kenya and East African Region.From Domestic and Commercial boreholes


It's important to take time to understand the needs of the customers and remain as cost effective as possible. borehole drilling can sometimes be stressful for those who have never drilled a borehole before, we keep all projects running smoothly while keeping high-quality results in mind.

One of the most common questions that a property owners ask, "is where is the best location to drill a borehole?" Accurate site selection is important, it's not uncommon for people to request borehole dowsing services or other water finding methods prior to drilling a new well in Mission. We're dedicated and here to answer all your borehole questions and look forward to providing you with a free written estimate explaining the costs of drilling a borehole in the Mission area so that you know what to expect once you decide to move forward with your borehole drilling project.

Benefit from an unlimited and unrestricted water supply on your own property!


We are committed to safety, health, environment and quality training, and invest directly into the upliftment of our people. This forms a paramount cornerstone of our business philosophy, and we are excited to continue investing in our communities and workforce.

When you approach us for borehole drilling services, the first step is for us to prepare and send you a personalised information pack filled with all the information you will need. Our sales professionals work with you through the entire packet and help you determine what your precise needs are. Our services are professional and we don’t advocate any quick-fix or shortcut solutions. Benefit from an unlimited and unrestricted water supply on your own property!

To be preffered Borehole drilling partner in Kenya

To provide the safest, most cost-effective borehole drilling services in Kenya with minimal environmental impact

1.Geological/Hydrological Survey to be done by Our Registered Hydrogeologist.
2.Getting Authorization from Water Resource Management Authority ( WRMA ).
3.Conducting Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) & getting License from NEMA.
4.Getting No Objection Letter from Water Service Provider like Nairobi Water Company or County Council etc.